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Happy SOBER OCTOBER - What is it all about?

Happy SOBER OCTOBER - What is it all about?

Happy Sober October 2022! is your headquarter for the best selection of Non-Alcoholic and Alcohol-Free craft beverages. Did you know? Sober October was first mentioned in 2014 as a fundraising campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support, a U.K.-based charity, supporting cancer patients.

Today the trend to abstain from alcohol during this time of year has caught on in the main-stream. We believe that moderating your alcohol consumption or eliminating alcohol altogether doesn’t need to also take away your ability to socialize and celebrate all the occasions life brings with it. Rewarding yourself with a nice non-alcoholic cocktail after a long day at work, or a cold NA-Beer after sports are perfect examples of where NA Drinks offer a real alternative.

Also, by going sober for just 1 month, you’ll experience many positive side effects, such as: more energy, better sleep, improved concentration and lower cholesterol to name a few.

Try some of our new Sober-October sample boxes at amazing discounts. Or buy a gift-card and share it with any of your friends who would love learning more about NA Beverages.

To Good Health! Your ProofNoMore team. Proof Less – Enjoy More!

Happy SOBER OCTOBER - What is it all about?

Cheers! Lars


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