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About Us

Explore an untapped world of low- and no- alcoholic beverages.

Sweet and tangy. Smooth and earthy. Bitter or tart. There’s a beverage that can please every palate—and it doesn’t have to contain alcohol.

At ProofNoMore, we invite you to join us and discover uniquely crafted non-alcoholic beverages that exhilarate your taste buds—and spark curiosity and exploration. 

After many years of honing our knowledge of retail, wholesale, and import beverages, our three co-founders knew something was missing. In Europe, we saw a market brimming with non-alcoholic beverages—rife with complexity and innovation. But here in the U.S., the no- and low-alcohol choices were limited.

We decided to bring this excitement and variety to our shores with ProofNoMore, an online retail store for the mindful drinker. Our beverages consist of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers, wines, mocktails, spirits, kombuchas, and mixers, and are available directly from our website, for retail orders, and in wholesale quantities.

Don’t know where to get started? Let Proof No More guide you. We get to know each and every beverage producer we partner with and highlight the most seasoned artisans of the non-alcoholic space, allowing you a glimpse of who you’re buying from and why their drinks are so unique.

Whether you’re abstaining from alcohol, drinking in careful moderation, or just want more mindful options in your life, no- and low-alcohol beverages offer choice. They enable you to expand your horizons, giving you access to the rituals of alcohol—but with a clear mind and healthy spirit.

Toast a birthday. Pop a hoppy IPA. Sip a botanical cocktail. Enjoy something crisp and ambrosial without risking a hangover. Our non-alcoholic and low-alcohol selection keeps life social, engaged, and invigorating, so you won’t miss a beat.


Christian Blake

Favorite no/low alcohol beverage: Athletic Brewing, Run-Wild

With a rich 13 year history in beer and brand management, Christian successfully navigates the complex landscape of the beverage industry. He prides himself in focusing on extraordinary imports and facilitating impactful growth for brands. When he’s not educating others about the market, he makes it his mission to elevate non-alcoholic beverages into the mainstream.

Ed Carino

Favorite no/low alcohol beverage: Atmos Hop Water, Sober Carpenter White

After an extensive career in sales and marketing, Ed found his forte exporting some of the top American craft beers to Asia & Europe and doing Pop Up beer distribution in New York City. In recent years, he has pivoted his interest to the no-and-low alcohol sector—and hopes to use his knowledge to foster a space where people can freely and shamelessly enjoy the benefits of non-alcoholic beverages.


Lars Dahlhaus

Favorite no/low alcohol beverage: Sober Carpenter IPA, and Erdinger NA

Originally from Germany, Lars has truly done it all. Whether it’s importing beverages from all around the world, developing partnerships with retailers and wholesalers, or launching novel brands in the U.S., he commits to his work with a deep appreciation for the industry. As a beer connoisseur, public speaker, and lover of German beer styles, he also enjoys the occasional NA beer, proving that great craft-non-alcoholic beverages have a place in every lifestyle.

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