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Giesen 0% – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – 25.4oz

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Giesen 0% – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – 25.4oz

Giesen. Same. But different.

ProofNoMore is proud to bring you the world's first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc*. Now you can enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavors from one of the best wine countries in the world... only with the alcohol gently removed.

New Zealand wines are famous for their quality, so they crafted a top tier option for the wine-lovers wanting to moderate their alcohol intake - without sacrificing taste.

But is it wine?!

Non-alcoholic options give you everything you’d expect from a premium New Zealand wine. They go through the entire wine making process, before gently removing the alcohol. Here's how they make alcohol-removed wine.

Using innovative spinning cone technology popular in perfume-making, they separate the fragrance and alcohol from the body of the wine. They leave the alcohol behind, carefully collect up that delicate aroma you know and love from New Zealand Merlot, and add it back into the body of the wine. Just a touch of premium grape juice is the final ingredient - to lend a little extra body and hint of sweetness to the resulting blend.

This advanced form of distillation allows them to handle the wine gently, maintaining the integrity of their distinctive flavor palate and texture throughout the process.


*Contains less than 0.5% Alcohol/Volume

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amanda D
Ok as NA wines go

A little too apple-y for me, but I do enjoy the low calories! Serve very chilled for best taste.

Refreshing and not sweet

This is my favorite non-alcohol white wine. Most that I've tasted are too sweet. This is not. It's very refreshing in the summer, served chilled too


Such a great alternative to wine- tastes refreshing and just like a regular wine.

Similar to the real thing

Currently pregnant and missing Sauvignon Blanc! I haven’t tried a ton but this is the least-sweet non-alcoholic wine I’ve had, which is a huge win for me! Will order again.

Katherine H
Best Non-Alcohol Wine I’ve Ever Had

I don’t drink but really enjoy wine (particularly Sauvignon blanc in the summer). Most others I’ve tried just taste like water. This, however, absolutely hits the spot! (The rose was also recommended to me by a friend) and I can’t wait to try that as well. Thank you!