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Flying Dog Deep Brewery Fake NA IPA Non-Alcoholic Beer - 12oz

Original price $3.49 - Original price $29.99
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$3.49 - $29.99
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Flying Dog Deep are getting harder and harder to spot these days and Flying Dog Brewery's latest release is no different.

What if you could enjoy your favorite IPA without affecting your health? It is a miracle we all wish to be true. Don’t worry because Flying Dog Deep Brewery has done this miracle. What on the surface might smell and taste like a Flying Dog Deep IPA, is in fact a masterful forgery engineered to trick the senses. A smooth drinking non-alcoholic brew bursting with delicious hop flavor.

It is a refreshing IPA that will energize your whole existence. It is a healthy and non-alcoholic IPA that is ideal for people like you who wish to stay healthy and fit. After all, health comes first.