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DHŌS BITTERSWEET - Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Spirit Alternative - 25.4oz

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Dhōs Bittersweet is sugar free and only 5 calories! Craft the perfect 5 calorie 'Bittersweet Spritz'! Just mix with soda water, pour over crushed ice & enjoy.

Our team at Ransom Distillery created Dhōs non-alcoholic spirits with an eye toward craftmanship and more mindful consumption for free-spirited individuals.

The adventure began over 25 years ago on our Ransom organic farm and distillery in Sheridan, Oregon when we pioneered the American craft spirits movement. Our mission is purpose driven and our motto is hands on production with ‘low tech’ – no robots or computers. It is truly a labor of love that has transformed the industry. This is how we revived the Old Tom Gin and led the way in mash-build, blended whiskeys. Our vermouth is the stuff of legend and has received top scores from key opinion leaders. Dhōs was created to provide the same masterful craftmanship in a line up of non-alcoholic spirits meant to be enjoyed your way and on your terms.

The creation of Dhōs stemmed from a conversation at our Oregon distillery when someone asked ‘what if we could provide the craft cocktail experience, yet without any of the alcohol, giving people the freedom to drink on their own terms?’ With that, we tasted through the ‘virtual brands’ currently on the market and quickly realized that a grounding in actual craft spirits would be invaluable in creating a true quality craft spirit experience, without the alcohol. We pulled our crafty minds together and Dhōs was born — a line of great tasting non-alcoholic spirits delivering the aromas, flavors and mixability of your favorite classic craft spirits, with only one missing ingredient… alcohol.

We invite you to up your Dhōs of Freedom with our newly crafted line of clean quality non-alcoholic spirits from our Ransom home in Sheridan, Oregon. Our line up of Gin Free, Bittersweet and Orange will tantalize your taste buds while allowing you to bend the rules and celebrate life on your terms!


The Dhōs Bittersweet reflects the traditional flavors of bitter rhubarb, brulée of oranges, cinchona, gentian root, and bitter herbs. Exotic and floral with layers of spice and fruits of baked oranges, watermelon, dried strawberries, kumquat, and ripe yellow cherries that all fill the glass with wild complexity. The spice notes are a combination of fresh vanilla bean, bitter roots, dried and fresh green herbs, and crushed field flowers. The texture is smooth and silky with a balanced richness that leads to the spiced finish featuring flavors of rhubarb, cinchona, vanilla, herb, and burnt citrus oil.

Dhōs Bittersweet is sugar free and only 5 calories! Craft the perfect 5 calorie 'Bittersweet Spritz'! Just mix with soda water, pour over crushed ice & enjoy.