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Cipriani Sparkling Variety Pack

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Try all three of CIPRIANI's Sparkling! 

This variety pack consists of one (1) bottle each of the three following flavors: 

GOLD - bright golden color - sparkling & fruit forward

ROSEGOLD - Rose in color - bubbly and semi-dry

RUBY - Almost red in color - fine bubbles and off dry. 

The meticulous selection of the right grape musts, used in the making of these sparkling wine alternatives are key to the production of the Cipriani zero zero range. This guarantees an extremely delicate and elegant NA-Wine body with excellent post-aromatic persistence, similar to ripe fruit, sweet but not cloying thanks to the pleasant acidity. 

The perfect selection of the best must varieties is essential to the development of our sparkling alcohol free products. The musts are stored at a temperature of 0°C degrees thanks to modern refrigeration systems, with subsequent tangential filtration used to avoid triggering alcoholic fermentation. 



Cipriani’s Italian heritage is drawn from “Harry's Bar” in Venice which has been one of the most renowned bar & restaurant venues in the world and an institution for the city of Venice, for over 90 years. A meeting place for writers, artists, actors, princes and noblemen. Famous for its legendary dishes and incomparable atmosphere, it is always imitated but never duplicated. 

Arrigo Cipriani, son of Giuseppe Sr. is one of the best-known Italians in the world; he is not only the patron of Harry's Bar in Venice, but a true ambassador of Italian hospitality to the four corners of the globe; with 30 businesses under his belt, in the last seventy years (flanked by his son Giuseppe), and over 3000 collaborators. According to Cipriani, tourism is hospitality, not exploitation of the customer.  

Hospitality is a talent, a virtue, as well as a culture. 

Customer Reviews

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Julie Shehata
Decent, but by no means the best

The Gold is like drinking making a sparkling pear nectar. Very sweet.
I have not yet tried the Rosegold.
The Ruby is like nothing so much as sparkling karkade (a very sweet tea made from hibiscus flowers and a LOT of sugar). I would, by no means, describe it as off-dry.