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Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Pils Non-Alcoholic Beer - 12oz

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Everybody (well, almost everybody!) loves a pilsner for two main reasons: crisp refreshment, and an easy, approachable style. Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects Pils delivers on all those beloved pilsner characteristics, just without the buzz, so there's no distractions to keep you from enjoying this remarkably refreshing brew. Its familiar, easy flavor profile makes it a surefire crowd pleaser, its clean edge makes it the perfect palate cleanser between courses or as a daytime picnic companion, and it's exactly what you'll want to reach for for some snappy refreshment at the end of a long day. Special Effects Pilsner invites you to kick back, take a crisp sip, and focus on flavor. 

Customer Reviews

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clint boyle
Brooklyn Pilsner

This taste like the real thing, very easy drinking NA beer.