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Lars' Non-Alcoholic IPA Variety Pack (Updated) - 12 Cans

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Updated for Fall/Winter 2023 - Lars' IPA Variety Pack. You can't go wrong!

What's in the Box? A total of 12 cans/bottles from my favorite NA Breweries.
As a beer lover, I have always sought out the best tasting brews. As an importer, wholesaler and retailer, I must have tried more than a thousand different concoctions of water, malts, hops and yeast. Nowadays, I find Non Alcoholic and Alcohol Free beers more appropriate to my lifestyle and sense of health. So... take it from me, and try these beers. You won't be disappointed. Cheers.

What's in the Box? You'll 2 x Cans of the following for a total of 12 Cans.

Sober Carpenter NA-IPA

Collective Arts NA-IPA


Best Day Hazy NA-IPA

Bravus West Coast NA-IPA

Wellbeing NA-IPA

Thanks for shopping with us!

Lars’ Non-Alcoholic IPA Variety Pack - 12 Cans/Bottles

 Cheers. Lars


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