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Chateau Diana Zero White Wine Non-Alcoholic Beverage - 25.4oz

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Chateau Diana Zero keeps all the fun and festivity of fresh fruity wines without the alcohol. These wines taste great while giving you a healthier product option than a higher alcohol wine might contain. Chateau Diana Zero Alcohol White Blend balances our enjoyment of non-alcoholic wines with the complex, fruit-forward and pleasing taste of regular wine.
Tones of butterscotch, vanilla wafer, pineapple and pear. The complex flavors are creamy and surprisingly succulent, with bright pear, red apple and hints of apricot and melon.

Customer Reviews

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The perfect balance of sweet and savory

I'm newer to the world of lower percentage alcohol products (I've been living in the no 0.00% world for years), but the one product I had never successfully found was wine. They were always phoning it in and were glorified grape juice. That is NOT the case with Chateau Diana White Blend. It's got the perfect balance of sweet with a dry finish. It hits all the right notes and you can pinpoint the different white wine grapes that have blended together here. I am definitely going to repurchase it and I can't wait to try more from this brand.


Chateau Diana white blend is the best tasting non-alcoholic wine that we have tried so far. Bottles were bubble wrapped well and shipped safely to our door.

J Conder

Nice taste very refreshing recommend it to several friends