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Woodland Farms Brewery Tropic Sour w. Mango & Guava Non-Alcoholic Beer - 16oz

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Woodland Farms took their RUBY recipe and went all Miami Vice up on it... the result, lush layers of fresh mango and pink guava laid over a tart but not puckering sour. Super limited release so grab it before its gone!
About Woodland Farms:

From Dairy, to Brewery and leader in NA Beers: From 1895 to somewhere in the mid seventies, Woodland Farms was a dairy owned by our family (the Rowans). When our grandfather passed, none of the 10 kids wanted to take over so the cows and the barn were sold to our neighbors across the stress, the Johnsons. The farm house is still owned and lived in by our family. The Rowans and the Johnsons have been “bonded at the hip” for as long as anyone can remember so it was a natural transition. Some of the Rowan family will still milk and tend the cows today and all of the brewery’s spent grain goes to feed the cows.

"Our brewery is a family endeavor between the Rowans and the Perrys, so it only made sense to resurrect the brand that was held by us for nearly 100 years. If you visit our tasting room you can see memorabilia and pictures from the heyday of the dairy."

“Why didn’t you build the brewery on the farm” is a question we get a lot. The answer is that the farm is still a working dairy farm. Do you really want to hang out with cow slop? We find it tends to impinge on the smell of the beer.