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New London Light Non Alcoholic Spirit - 750ml + Fever Tree Light Tonic Water - 6.8oz

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  • One (1) Bottle of New London Light. NLL is a bold and refreshing non-alcoholic spirit, distilled and crafted by Salcombe Distilling Co. Inspired by gin making principles, ‘NLL’ is born out of a desire to produce an exceptional non-alcoholic spirit that doesn’t compromise on taste. Named after an iconic lighthouse marking the entrance to the best deep water harbor in Long Island Sound, ‘New London Light’ was once a beacon for the crews of 19th century Salcombe Fruit Schooners trading cargoes of exotic fruits and spices with the new world of the Americas.
    • One (1) 4Pack of Fever-Tree Light Indian Tonic which uses only fruit sugars for a lighter tonic water. The blending of subtle botanical flavors with spring water and highest-quality quinine gives it the distinctively clean, crisp character of their Premium Tonic Water, but with 57% fewer calories. Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water uses a handful of different botanicals, including distinctive quinine and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges, to give a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma.

How to Mix?

*Crushed or cubed ice in a tall cocktail glass
*Two (2) oz of New London Light
*Top up with Fever Tree Light Indian Tonic
*Garnish with a slice of Lemon or Lime