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Goldies Sophisticated Seltzers Variety Pack – 4 x Cucumber Supertonic & 4 x Yuzu Spritz

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Save with this 8 Pack Variety Pack with 4 cans each of the two GOLDIES Flavors:

4 x 12oz Cans of CUCUMBER TONIC 

An exceptionally sophisticated beverage designed with notes of cucumber, juniper, citrus and quinine. Mix in some C and B-complex vitamins, and you have a social tonic that's both delicious and functional. 


4 x 12oz Cans of YUZU SPRITZ

Bursting with citrus flavors & the light bodied crispness of a glass of Prosecco, our Yuzu Spritz pairs best with a sunny day spent in good company! Under 20 calories & packed with vitamins B and C, so you can enjoy it tonight and enjoy how good you feel in the morning. 

Why GOLDIES? Because we deserve better!
We deserve to have sophisticated beverages that meet the moment of a night out. Drinks that taste good and are good for you. Low calorie, naturally sweetened, and packed with vitamins. Unique flavors made for adults by adults, and a can that fits into social settings.