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Buonafide Wines 0.0 Italian Rosso Superiore Non-Alcoholic Beverage - 0.0% ABV - 25.4oz / 750ml

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Buonafide Superior Rosso 0.0  Italian Red Wine.
Rosso Superiore is a classic non-alcoholic wine that is definitely superior to other non-alcoholic wines. It is a masterpiece, a pure class in its own – a wonder.

Rosso “Superiore” is produced in the traditional fermentation method. Alcohol is then removed by the natural filtration process. Easily drinkable, soft on the palate with good acidity. You will experience the taste of Red Currant, Blood Orange, and Geranium with persistent notes of Volcanic Ash and Dark Slate/Stone.

Experience bliss without worrying about your health, wealth, or location.